Balderton Pre-School

At Balderton Pre-School we believe that every child should have access to a fun, stimulating, learning environment. As we are a charity, we can offer affordable child care for everyone and strive to provide a nurturing place where your child can develop and grow.


In June 2017 we received a GOOD inspection grading. The inspector found that children demonstrate good listening skills and enjoy the fun activities that the staff provide for them. Children were keen to explore their environment and staff gave lots of praise and encouragement which helped to raise the children's self confidence and promote positive behaviour. 

Curriculum we follow...

Butterflies and Caterpillars

Days out

Every year we close the Pre-school for one day and have a family day out. This has been very successful, this year we took two coaches of parents and children to Wheelgate where everyone had a fantastic time. We also access the local area, visiting the library, post office, the park and even shopping at the local butchers.

Working in partnership

Katie our Manager has worked really hard to build solid partnerships with the local schools and this helps to provide a smooth transition when children are starting school.

At Pre-school we have an open door policy, if a parent needs to speak to us about their child, they can pop in at any time. We also have two parents evenings a year to discuss your childs development and we welcome our parents to informal open days to join in with the activities and see what we offer the children in our care.


A list of Balderton Pre-School's policies and procedures can be found on our parent information board.  To request a copy of any of these please ask at the office.  

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